You are expert in the area of your business idea. You have a vision and a well-done plan how you are realizing it. You are a team player with business know-how, who is looking for capital and partnership in order to realize his vision. Then you could be exactly the one we are looking for.

We are not afraid of early-stage investments and to participate actively (hands on approach). We are referring to a 20 years growing network. Occasionally we invest already in the pre-seed phase and quasi take over the role of a co-founder. Normally we are looking for companies that already have a proof of concept and are on the way to market maturity. In the last years, the following subject areas are proved to be helpful for our start-ups: strategic planning, marketing and sales support, controlling, support in finance questions (crowd founding, follow-up finance, promotion), entrepreneurship.

Who are we looking for? The founder team is of great importance to us. We see ourselves as an active part of the team. Therefore, the personal chemistry has to fit in too. We are looking for balanced teams that have the essential competences for implementing their ideas and have at least one business(wo)man in their line-up. Thematically, we are broadly positioned. Whenever we have the feeling that we can bring in value, we have the feeling to be in the right place.

You think that you, your idea and your company fit in with us? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you!