Good ideas have no borders. Within our longstanding professional experience we have established a very close meshed network to competent and experienced investors in the D-A-CH area. This network offers chances as well as security, but also demands a continuous entrepreneurial progress. Trend Consulting is used to taking the role of the lead investor in most of the most projects. >>


We live the lean start-up principle and know about the consequences and challenges for established organizations. For this we are screening several hundred deals a year with the focus on the D-A-CH area. We know very well, where future trends lead in different branches. >>


Through our origin in integrated corporate communications we have extensive experience in communication and implementation of successful crowdinvesting campaigns. Therefore we are able to support our partners optimally as well as to create a mutual and sustainable value. >>


Our goal is to establish a start-up eco-system that is creating ideal conditions in order to let ambitious ideas actually grow wings. From year to year, we are moving one step closer to this objective. In the area marketing we have already succeeded. Young founders have access to a 360° service that covers all tasks from consulting and conception up to interim management. >>


We want to get off your projects and see them fly. For this reason, professional sales management is essential. In accordance with our hands-on mentality, our network covers partners that support start-ups not only in their concept of distribution (paperwork) but also actively build, manage and implement distribution. Especially in the D-A-CH area we can organize very spontaneously operative support in this field. >>


Being entrepreneurs we know about the importance of having the numbers and the business plan “under control”. We offer our start-ups a network with professionals who are available either on a project-by-project basis or as an active CFO. Essential tasks such as the ongoing controlling of the company, the preparation of financing rounds and documents for conveyor submission are done competently and contribute substantially to the overall success of the start-up. >>