Coaching the Corporates

Where does the journey lead to? The scientists Carl Frey and Michael Osborne have calculated in a reputed study, that 47 percent of all jobs in the USA can be replaced by intelligent robots or software in the next 10 to 20 years. The Mannheim Centre for Economic Research (ZEW) has transferred this study to Germany. Result: 42 percent of the working population has jobs with a high automation probability. 18 Million Jobs are endangered. Studies like these are important elements regarding the direction of the corporate strategy.

Trend Consulting is engaged with these developments in a “highly fluctuating business environment”, knows and loves the lean start-up principle and knows about the consequences and challenges for established organizations. We screen several hundred deals – and thereby new business ideas – a year with the focus on the D-A-CH area. We know very well, where future trends in different branches lead to.

Our knowledge and our experiences we convey personally in consultancies, workshops and seminars as well as in diverse lectorships.

Trend and idea scouting, online-business models, sales concepts, communication concepts, change management, agile methods of organizational governance.