Business Angel Investor

We let your ideas grow wings. Already in the first 4 years, Trend Consulting accompanied 20 foundations of enterprises or was pushing their own ones forward. This know-how and our learnings of decade-long experience we want to pass on to ambitious founders.

We are not afraid of early-stage investments and of participating actively with our hands-on mentality, also in the role of a lead-investor. In this way we also did pre-seed investments and acted as co-founders. However, generally we are looking for businesses that already have provided the prove of concept and are on the way to market maturity.

Trend Consulting is used to taking the role of a lead-investor in many projects. However, we are also willing to be a co-investor by the side of an experienced lead-investor and to board in a later business stage.

It is our claim to add value with our investment and our know-how. Besides the content-related aspect, the personal chemistry is an essential decision criterion for our engagement.

Strategic planning, marketing and sales support, controlling, financial questions, crowdfunding, follow-up financing, funding.

Altrazeal Trading GmbH (seed), Appguru Projektentwicklungs GmbH (pre-seed) Batoro Systems GmbH (pre-seed), 500meters (pre-seed), crowd-o-moto GmbH (seed), Eversport GmbH (proof of market), Freygeist GmbH (pre-seed), Hunziker GmbH (proof of market), Mibaby GmbH (proof of market), Parkbob GmbH (seed), Secucloud GmbH (proof of market),  Twingz GmbH (proof of market), Lumindo GmbH (expansion), Uluru Inc (expansion), Retyred Furniture (seed)